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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a large collection of items available in our assortment and it’s not possible to keep stock of everything, hence all the items are made to order. We do not keep stock of certain items, interested customers can reach us by email at: contact@balajibeads.com We try to keep more and more items in stock as best to our abilities and we strive to have items that are out of stock delivered as soon as possible. Made to Order items require 6 to 10 weeks production time. Duration of delivery varies per product, quantity ordered, and shipping time depends on the country of destination and supplier. This is why it is not possible to keep every single item in stock at all times. If you have any questions about products and re-stock waiting periods do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

We like to present our newest items by creating examples of jewellery designs with our beads and findings. This is to give you an impression about our products and the way they can be used. You can view these jewellery sets on our inspiration page. We like to show you these jewellery examples as a mere suggestion. After all, you can use our items in many more ways than we could ever show you. There are no rules on how to use a particular item. This business is about creativity and we try to inspire you as much as we can.

Often, you’ll find the material which a product is made of mentioned in the title or the description of that item. Most of our beads are made of Glass material, Brass and Copper Metal, Base Metal, natural Horn & Bone, Wood, Ceramic, Leather, Cotton and many more… We always strive to give a detailed description of our items. We have many items of different materials, prices, and quality. For example, you can choose between basic quality materials, superior quality material and designer Quality materials in which you’ll find the difference in quality and will be reflected in the pricing. We keep striving to maintain an affordable collection with great value.

We are a web only wholesale store. We have a showroom location India where you can visit and to take a look at our collection. We make sure our web shop is as clear and convenient for you as possible, so you can enjoy browsing our items online. We strive to show our products as realistically as possible by directing our efforts to proper presentation and web friendly photography.

We generally do not provide free samples of our items, but on request we can send free samples, but the shipping cost is to be paid by the customers. Else, we advise you to place a small order instead. Should you have any doubts about an item it would be advised to start with ordering a single unit first. For any questions about any of our products you can also contact our customer service.

We try to make sure our product images match the true colour of our items to the best of our abilities. Still, sometimes a colour might seem different on screen then it does in the package. Every digital screen you look at can have different settings and also colour profiles may vary. This causes the difference in colour you might experience. What colours match? Well, that is just a matter of taste and opinion. For examples you can take a look at our inspiration page.

We strive to always mention sizes and possible matches in the description of our findings. Sometimes it is a bit of a struggle to find out what items fit correctly. It’s important to carefully read the product specifications to find out more. We aim to mention the approximate diameter and dimension of beads. Please contact us contact@balajibeads.com to get better detail of the holes, charm eyes and locks and mention what kinds of stringing material fits these items.

Beads Wholesale Online is a business-to-business web shop. We mostly deliver to business customers because we are a wholesale business. You can create an account on our website after providing necessary details. To protect our customers the legitimacy of your account will be verified.

When we select new products, we always pick the most amazing colours we can find for you. We always keep in mind what colours are seasonal trends and make sure to find plenty of neutral colours to match every occasion. We often add new trend colours of an item to our main collection. Our products can be made in many more colours than the one shown on the webpage. Please refer to the link “Color options” on the home page to choose the colour of your liking.

MOQ is mentioned on the product page itself

Most of our items are Made to Order and requires 6 to 10 weeks production time depending on the quantity of your order, stock items can be shipped in 3 days. Shipping/transit time depends on the customer’s preferred mode of shipping and destination. For Example: air shipment would be much faster (approx. 7 days) as compared to Sea/boat shipments (approx. 8 weeks). Shipping costs are NOT included in the product/item cost/price shown on the website and freight charges for air shipment will be higher as compared to Sea/Boat shipment and will depend on the weight, volume, and destination of your order. Normally, our customers use their own FedEx/DHL/UPS account for air shipping and/or nominate a freight forwarder in case of Sea/Boat shipping. Please contact us at contact@balajibeads.com In case you want us to prepay the shipping charges in India and the add to your invoice.

Yes, we have a better and special bulk order pricing for the wholesaler’s, distributors, stores, businesses, or any other entity. Please select on our website and fill in the estimated bulk quantity and submit your query and we will get back to you with wholesale prices.

We have tried to include as many as possible questions on this webpage, but it’s quite normal that you would have other queries as well, customers can write to us by email at: contact@balajibeads.com and we will be very happy to address your questions.

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