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About Our Company

About us

Balaji Impex a leading manufacturer and exporter of BEADS specializing in Glass Beads, Bone Beads, Brass/Metal Beads. It can be described as ultimate source of Indian Glass Beads. Besides we carry leather cords and common accessories for making Jewellery We started our journey in 1950s with manufacturing of good quality Indian Glass Beads. We specialized in good quality beads for use in making Fashion Jewellery and Hobby Kits for Kids school and creational projects. Now days application of beads and flat beads have been expended to several other craft and gifts products giving us enormous volume and new techniques and new products everyday.

Our Mission

Our "Maheshwari family" and business known as "Motiwala Maheshwari & Sons" is involved in manufacturing and used to supply our manufactured to several exporters all over India for further Exports. We launched our owned Exports unit in 1992 and with extreme support of our elders specially our father and blessings of God we are now 100% export oriented unit and we had expanded our business to Fashion Jewellery and Gifts Industry with Beads as a prime line. Today we are working with a team of 4500 artisans spread over in the near villages and manufacturing 15,000 to 20,000 kilos beads every month depending on the type.

What We Do

Our manufacturing process is just like cottage industry where we provide machines, fuel and raw material to our artisans which they take to there home and manufacture for us. All our Beads are made by adults and there is no involvement of kids (minors) in our manufacturing at any stage. We strongly oppose Child Labor and Abuse. So come and enjoy the world of Beads with "Balaji Impex" from our Beads on line catalog and get the latest for your Jewellery and craft needs. We can mail you a copy of our hard paper catalog on request.

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